About us

Vrac dans l’Sac is the brainchild of Barbara and Dominique Martel, two visionary sisters who want to make a difference. The two entrepreneurs are supported by their respective spouses, and all have joined forces to make this great eco-organic, zero-waste bulk product venture come to life in Bedford. The choice of the store location came naturally since Barbara and Dominique have lived for many years in this beautiful region of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC. Barbara has been working in customer service since 1994 and owns a dog grooming business. As for Dominique, she has been working in the private sector since 1996 and is a Manager at a semiconductor assembly company for more than 12 years.

Barbara is the initiator of the eco-organic, zero-waste bulk product idea. She grew tired of driving long distances to get quality zero-waste products at an affordable price. Since buying local and organic was already deeply rooted in the sisters’ values ​​and habits for several years, the Vrac dans l’Sac project was a logical move for them.

This is how it all got started! They took entrepreneurship training courses and began carrying out the steps to launching their business. Thanks to their perseverance and determination, the Vrac dans l’Sac store was opened in April 2019 in the quaint town of Bedford. Their products come primarily from local producers. Barbara and Dominique look forward to your visit!

Dominique et Barbara Martel, owners

— Dominique et Barbara Martel, owners

Changing people’s habits, one jar at a time, for generations to come.



Together with our customers and suppliers, we will help reduce our environmental footprint.

For your health and that of our planet, we promote education and sharing to make a difference – one jar at a time.


Our passion is the environment, and we are caring and honest people. Collaboration, listening, continuous improvement for health, product quality and customer service are what drive us.


We want to be the go-to place to get local, eco-friendly quality products at an affordable price to help the good people of Montérégie reduce their ecological footprint.

Vrac dans l'Sac | Épicerie éco-bio, vrac zéro déchet à Bedford